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Since Apr 22, 2019

Running days 552

Total clients 125833
Total deposited $1234767413.23 / Last deposit $10.16
Total withdrawn $871468698.87 / Last withdraw $2.10
Visitors online 1851


COMEXTrades.com stepped over the 500 days!
Sep-3-2020 01:44:12 PM

Dear Clients!

We have passed the 500-day mark!
We would like to thank our investors who have trusted us their investments and earned hundreds of percent with us.

We also would like to say hello to all skeptics and critics who did not believe in us at the very beginning of our work.
You were wrong.

Your faithfully,
COMEX Trades

COMEXTrades.com reached 100000 clients!
Aug-28-2020 09:31:25 AM

Dear Clients!

With a great pleasure we would like to announce that we reached 100000 clients.
For the period of 494 days almost $1 billion dollars has been invested with our online investment service and more than $700 million dollars has been withdrawn.
We are really grateful to our clients who trust us their assets.

Yours faithfully,
COMEX Trades

COMEXTrades.com – 444 days online and French website version
Jul-9-2020 03:39:08 PM

Dear Clients!

We are pleased to inform you that today we are celebrating 444 days online.

For the period of 444 days online 69627 clients invested more than $639 million dollars and more than $467 million dollars has been withdrawn. We are happy to realize that we enable our clients to earn good returns with our company.

We also would like report you that we have translated our website into French. You may use it using following link: COMEX Trades in French.

Yours faithfully,
COMEX Trades

COMEXTrades.com - 400 days online. 2.1-3.5% and 560-6500% on CALENDAR days. Spanish version.
May-26-2020 08:07:28 PM

Dear Clients!

We have a beautiful date today – 400 days online.
For the period of 400 days $520 million dollars has been invested with us and almost $352 million dollars has been withdrawn.

Many our loyal clients know about our legendary investment plan with higher interest rate 2.1% daily for 20 calendar days - now it is available for all our clients for new deposits. That is because we saw how popular this plan is. We have also revised our business days policy and now we pay for new deposits on calendar days, including ‘AFTER’ investment plans with accruals after the deposit expiration and VIP investment plans.
We did this because of our earnings increase in in the ultra-volatile cryptocurrency markets (thank you bitcoin halving) and because of our successful positions in the stock markets, when we were able to achieve high levels of profitability even in falling markets and earn on their correction. All this is thanks to our highly professional financial analysts who form COMEX Trades.

We also have translated our website into Spanish and you can already use our site in Spanish – COMEX Trades in Spanish. We hope that we have made our cooperation even easier for Spanish-speaking clients!

Yours faithfully,
COMEX Trades

COMEXTrades.com - Representative Program and Russian version
May-6-2020 01:29:54 PM

Dear Clients!

We started our regional representative program two weeks ago and many of our loyal clients have already become our regional representatives in many countries. Many of them have been working with COMEX Trades for a long time and know how profitable and effective this cooperation is. They speak many languages and ready to help other people who ask them for an advice on choosing the most effective cooperation strategy with COMEX Trades.

You may find the list of regional representatives of COMEX Trades and ask an independent person about COMEX Trades services:
Regional representatives of COMEXTrades.com

If you trust COMEX Trades and would like to help people in such unstable time with COMEX Trades limitless opportunities, you may apply for representative on this page:
Apply for regional representative of COMEXTrades.com.

We also have good news for clients from Russian speaking countries.
We have translated our website into Russian: Russian version of COMEXTrades.com.
We hope that it will simplify our website for many people.

In the nearest time our website will be translated into Spanish, German, French and Chinese languages.

Yours faithfully,
COMEX Trades

COMEXTrades.com in Russian Language
May-5-2020 10:36:54 PM

Dear Clients!

We have a great news for Russian speaking clients!
We have translated our website into Russian:
COMEXTrades.com in Russian language

Yours faithfully,
COMEX Trades

COMEXTrades.com - Warning! Fake emails!
May-1-2020 11:47:14 AM

Dear Clients!

Some our clients have contacted us about email that they received with promotion of another website from our behalf.

Please remember: WE DON'T HAVE ANY OTHER WEBSITES EXCEPT comextrades.com.

We also would like to remind you that we DO NOT HAVE ANY CHAT in any social networks and our managers/admins/supports DO NOT CHAT with anybody in any messenger except our official live chat on our website.

Here are links to our official websites and pages in social networks:
Our website: https://comextrades.com.
Our Telegram official news channel: https://t.me/comextrades.
Our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/comextrades.
Our Twitter: https://twitter.com/ComexTrades.
Link to our official website live chat: https://messenger.providesupport.com/messenger/0rnwqyed13m860kpd96e93o77m.html.
Our phone: +441613941701.

Please don't be a victim of cyber crimes!

Yours faithfully,
COMEX Trades

COMEXTrades.com – 1 Year Online and Representative Program
Apr-23-2020 09:09:55 PM

Dear Clients!

We are glad to inform you that our online service has been online for one year.

For the period of 1 year online 53570 clients invested more than $442 million dollars and more than $286 million dollars has been withdrawn. Many partners have earned many thousands of percent of profit with us already and this is only the beginning of our long run.

We understand that many people are experiencing financial problems due to the COVID-19 pandemic and we have speeded up the launch of our regional representative system and we hope that the system will give new representatives the opportunity to earn even more with us.

We offer our applicants rapid career growth, limitless financial opportunities, possibilities to improve your communicative skills and extra referral commission.

Learn more about becoming a regional representative of COMEX Trades:

If you need any advice and you want to ask independent person, please find a regional representative in your country:

Your faithfully,
COMEX Trades

COMEXTrades.com - Fakes in Telegram
Apr-20-2020 10:32:19 AM

Dear Clients!
Some our clients contacted us about some fakes in Telegram.

Please keep in mind that we DO NOT HAVE ANY CHAT in Telegram.

Our managers/admins/supports DO NOT CHAT with anybody in Telegram or any other messengers except our official live chat on our website.

In Telegram we have the official news channel ONLY:

Your faithfully,
COMEX Trades

COMEXTrades.com – Website Development, New Affiliate program, COVID-19 Statement and Video Presentation
Mar-29-2020 01:32:29 PM

Dear Clients!

Over the past weeks, we have accumulated a lot of news about the development of our investment platform but let me start with a statement about the spread of COVID-19 pandemic. Our online service works as usual and accruals occur without any delays in the period from MONDAY to FRIDAY (5 days a week) and we process payments as usual – 7 days a week, despite the quarantine measures taken by our government and the governments of other countries.

We take care of our employees and also take all measures to take care of them, so we were able to rebuild our work smoothly, without any problems. Thanks to high technology development.

We earn as usual, and in some markets and instruments even more, due to correct forecasting and prevailing SHORT positions and volatility in the stock, currency, commodity and cryptocurrency markets.

Now let me tell you about some innovations in online investment platform:

Firstly, we have significantly improved our customer support:
- We have introduced a Ticket system that is more convenient than support requests and is available to registered clients after logging in to their accounts
-We have enabled online support via online chat, where our clients can get support 24/7 for the operation of our online service and the activities of our company.
- We have enabled telephone support with phone number: +441613941701, which allows our clients also get qualified voice support from our operators.

Also, we have finally increased our presence in social networks. Now we have not only information channel in Telegram but also:
- Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/comextrades
- Twitter: https://twitter.com/ComexTrades

Secondly, if we talk about significant improvements to our online service, we have launched a service for investing in cryptocurrencies at a fixed rate, in addition to the possibility of investing in cryptocurrencies with a floating market rate. We believe that this opens up limitless opportunities for our clients to earn and diversify their assets during a period of high uncertainty caused by the Black Swan – the COVID-19 pandemic.

So, what is an investment with a fixed rate of cryptocurrencies?
It's simple. Let's take an example. If you invest 1 BTC in a CT1 investment plan, you will get exactly 1.3 BTC in cryptocurrency for a period without worrying about the volatility of the cryptocurrency's value and changes in its market price.
To invest cryptocurrencies at a fixed rate you need to switch your account to "Fixed crypto”. Due to the non-market price of investments at a fixed rate, we have made a completely separate account with a separate history and withdrawal pages. At the same time, your account remains up-to-date, and all your partners are also in your partner network so you are able to get your referral commission for “Fixed crypto” also. In addition, please note that due to the capabilities of our software, we have to get investments in US Dollars only, so we have just set fixed rates that will not be changed in future:
1BTC=$5000, 1LTC=$30, 1ETH=$100, 1DASH=$50, $1BCH=$150

Thirdly, we have improved our referral system and made it more profitable for our clients. Now it is three-level and is 5%-2%-1%. We are also working on a system of regional representatives and we will inform you about it in the nearest time.
3 level referral system: 5%-2%-1%

And fourthly, we have prepared a small video presentation of our office and our team, which we had shot before the spread of the pandemic.
You can watch it on YouTube:

In the nearest future we are going to translate our website into different languages: Spanish, German, Chinese, French and Russian. It will allow our clients from all over the world work with our platform without any barriers.

Finally, we would like to ask you to take care of yourself and follow all the recommendations of The World Health Organization and your local authorities. The pandemic will soon be over, just like all the others that have happened with humanity before. Everything depends on us and let's treat ourselves and other people more responsibly.

Your faithfully,
CEO Raymond Stokes
COMEX Trades

COMEXTrades.com stepped over the 300 days line!
Feb-17-2020 10:31:08 AM

Dear Clients!

It is a great pleasure to report you that our online investment service is stepped over the 300 days line.
Thanks to our online investment service we have been reached serious results in our main activities and we will not stop our business on such beautifull number of days.

For the period of 300 days more than $374.7 million dollars has been invested with us and more than $256.8 million dollars has been withdrawn.
We are really grateful to our 47967 clients who trust us their assets.

We would like to inform you that we also have increased our social presence and set up our official news channel in telegram where we will publish our news and latest changes:
Telegram - https://t.me/comextrades

In the nearest time we are planning set up our representative pages in social networks, set up online chat and phone support.

We also grateful to our loyal clients who follow the true leader and bypasses the skillful pretenders.
We do everything possible to make the best online investment service on the market.

Your faithfully,
COMEX Trades

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!
Dec-24-2019 02:54:16 PM

Dear Clients!

We congratulate you on Christmas. In this holiday no one should be alone. Let today be with the ones who appreciate and love you.
Also we wish your family happiness and success at work!

Yours faithfully,
COMEX Trades

Happy thanksgiving!
Nov-28-2019 06:19:13 PM

Dear Clients!

At Thanksgiving, this time of great gratitude, it is most fitting that we express our sincere appreciation for your business and support. Our company would not be what it is today if it were not for people like you. You are not only a valued customer – you’re also a true friend to us.
Here’s wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving, full of relaxation and joy. Thank you again, from everyone on our staff.

Yours faithfully,
COMEX Trades

Apr-22-2019 09:03:56 PM

Dear Clients!

Welcome to our new investment service - comextrades.com.
We have prepared well formed product where you can invest in the commodity futures, forex, shares markets.
We hope that we will meet your expectations and you will get an excellent profit, where you can earn profit starts 1.5% per day and above.

Yours faithfully,
COMEX Trades