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Since Apr 22, 2019

Running days 1003

Total clients 127975
Total deposited $18992922549.98 / Last deposit $74,424.00
Total withdrawn $871468698.87 / Last withdraw $900.00
Visitors online 1045


COMEXTrades.com – 1 Year Online and Representative Program
Apr-23-2020 09:09:55 PM

Dear Clients!

We are glad to inform you that our online service has been online for one year.

For the period of 1 year online 53570 clients invested more than $442 million dollars and more than $286 million dollars has been withdrawn. Many partners have earned many thousands of percent of profit with us already and this is only the beginning of our long run.

We understand that many people are experiencing financial problems due to the COVID-19 pandemic and we have speeded up the launch of our regional representative system and we hope that the system will give new representatives the opportunity to earn even more with us.

We offer our applicants rapid career growth, limitless financial opportunities, possibilities to improve your communicative skills and extra referral commission.

Learn more about becoming a regional representative of COMEX Trades:

If you need any advice and you want to ask independent person, please find a regional representative in your country:

Your faithfully,
COMEX Trades