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Since Apr 22, 2019

Running days 961

Total clients 127918
Total deposited $17587974285.3 / Last deposit $50,000.00
Total withdrawn $871468698.87 / Last withdraw $900.00
Visitors online 1050

Questions and Answers

General Questions

1Where is COMEX Trades incorporated?

COMEX Trades (COMEX Limited) is totally legal investment company incorporated in the United Kingdom.
Reg. number: #12377000. Office address: 1 St.Peter's Square, Manchester, M2 3AE.
Learn more about COMEX Trades.

2Who may be a client of COMEX Trades?

Everyone may be a client of COMEX Trades, but he\she must be not less 18 years old.

3How may I become a client of COMEX Trades?

You may become a client of COMEX Trades and it is totally free of charge. All you need is to sign up and fill all required fields.

4Is it free of charge to open an account?

Yes, it is totally free of charge.

5I have trouble during registering. What shall I do?

Check the right of the entered information. Displayed errors may help you. The system shows where you made mistakes.
Sometimes it could be browser issue. Try to change your browser or turn off any translator if you use it.
If you need further assistance don't hesitate to contact us.

Account Questions

1How long does it take to make my client account active?

Your account will be active immediately after registration.

2How may I access my account?

You may log into your account by clicking the link Login and enter your username and password.

3How can I control my account?

In order to control your account you need to use navigation menu in the right side of our site.

4May I change my account details?

You may change your account details on Edit Account page. You will get a verification code on your email address which you need type in the next page.

5How secure user accounts and personal data?

All stored data on our servers remains protected via encryption technology all the time.
All account related transactions done by our clients are mediated exclusively via secured internet connections.

6What if I can't log into my account because I forgot my password?

Click password recovery link, type your username or email and you should receive reset password link.
If you haven't receive password reset link check your spam folder or contact our support service.

7How many accounts can I open on the site?

Any client can have only one account per IP/Family/Payment account. In the event of multiple registrations from your device we have rights to suspend all of your accounts.

8How COMEX Trades is private for me?

We keep privacy of our clients and don't share any private information with any third party. Read more about Privacy Policy.

9Do you require account verification? Do I need to send any documents?

No, we do not require any verification documents confirming the identity, address or origin of your funds.

Investment Questions

1How may I make a deposit?

You may make your deposit on Make Deposit.
Type desired amount in the 'Amount' field, choose payment system and click 'Confirm'. Follow further instructions of your payment system.

2When the deposit should be activated?

Your deposit should be activated immediately if you use Payeer or Perfect Money.
If you use cryptocurrencies it could be some time lag which is required for getting confirmations by the cryptocurrency network.
For deposits in cryptocurrencies we need at least 1 confirmation.
If your deposit hasn't appear in your account for a long time, please contact us.

3Where can I read about the investment plans?

You can check all actual investment plans in your member area on Make Deposit page.

4Do you have any limits for an investment amount?

The minimum investment amount is only $10 and the maximum amount is $500,000 per transaction.
But please pay attention that you may have as many deposits as you want. So there is no maximum for your investment portfolio.

5Does the profit include my initial deposit?

In 'after' investment plans your profit includes your initial deposit and in 'daily' investment plans your initial deposit will be returned to your account balance.

6May I have several deposits at the same time?

Yes of course. You may have as many deposits as you want.

7May I make direct deposit from my COMEX Trades account balance (reinvest my profit)?

Yes, sure. You may reinvest your profit from your account balance.
In order to make a deposit from your COMEX Trades account you need to select 'Deposit from Account Balance' on Make deposit page in your Member area.

8Which electronic currencies do you accept at the moment?

At the moment we accept: Perfect Money, Payeer and cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Dash.

9How can I withdraw my profit?

In order to withdraw your profit you need to withdrawal request on Withdraw page in your member area.
Please type withdrawing amount and choose payment system which you have used for making your deposits.

10How soon after the withdrawal of the request will appear money on my payment account?

Your request will be processed within 48 hours.
We process withdrawals once or twice daily.
We do everything possible to reduce awaiting time of our clients.

11I requested for a withdrawal some time ago, but I haven't received withdrawing amount.

Please, pay attention that we process payments within 48 hours.
Usually, we process payments once or twice daily. But anyway contact our support service and we will check your issue.

12Do you have any withdrawal limits?

No. We don't have any withdrawal limits and it is totally free of charge.

13Do you have any withdrawal minimum?

Minimum withdrawal is $0.15.

14Do you charge any fees from withdrawals?

No, we don't charge any fees.
Please pay attention that Payeer charges 0.95% on each transaction.

15Do you have any hidden fees?

No, we don't have any hidden fees.

15Should I pay any taxes?

We do not share any information with any fiscal authorities or any other authorities. This is totally up to you.

Affiliate Program Questions

1Do you have any affilate program?

Yes, we have an affilate program and it is three level: 5%-2%-1% from deposit of your referral.

2When my affiliate bonus will be paid?

Affiliate bonus will be paid to your account balance as soon as your referral processes his deposit from external processor.

3My referral made his deposit but I haven't received any referral commission. Why?

Pay attention that you need to be an active investor in order to obtain referral commission. This is very important point, because you can't advise your friends or partners to work with our company if you haven't try our service.